Proposed Renovation of The Funtheque • Funtheque Concept Paper & Rationale

Funtheque Concept Paper & Rationale

The Funtheque club challenges the pessimistic sentiments that the age for super clubs is long dead and gone.

The Funtheque falls into the category of a 'super club'. Able to transform itself from a club to a live concert venue, cabaret platform, a new age party zone or even conceptualise theme party nights; complete with stage performances, acts and shows into a function venue for events with remarkable F&B, hospitality & technical facilities of the super age era…..

The club promotes an egalitarian ambience; free-flow functional and service-designed areas, 2-way interaction with patrons; management, floor and service staff(s) and the DJ's.

The Funtheque is a boutique nightclub that offers F&B and quality diverse entertainment with superior service excellence in providing unique pleasurable and memorable experiences. Live shows and performances, comedy skits and routines, interactive stable of DJs together with a variety of thematic fun-filled nights throughout the week.

The Funtheque experience has been further extended to provide club wear, merchandise items, paraphernalia and souvenir items available for retail purchase.


The Funtheque, in its relative context, is comprised from the joint application usage of two English words; Fun & Discotheque. The idiom "Funtheque" is used to collectively encompass the entire entertainment offerings provided at the establishment of the same name.

As can be logically deduced, the idiom is best representative of what it stands for. And as all great ideas go, The Funtheque to has its history. The Ship; the F&B, restaurant counterpart, with a firmly established name as the makers of the best steak in town, had observed that a large percentage of its patrons, either were going off to, or coming in from, visiting an entertainment establishment.

It is not surprising that market leaders, in striving for service excellence become total solutions service providers. 'The Captain's Cabin' was born. The idea was simple. To provide their patrons (The Ship) with an entertainment option, found upstairs. This quite ideally fell in-line with the main concept of the business model.

The Ship - fine dining, and for entertainment, join us upstairs at The Captain's Cabin. Quite aptly 'Always on top for entertainment', became the motto.

Three years down the road, having fine tuned, and tweaked at its entertainment mix, The Funtheque, Malaysia's Premier Superclub was born. The Funtheque is actually a derivative of The Captain's Cabin. It represents the Club culture found within. The life of the party. The Funtheque.

From March 2000, the Captain's Cabin has been referred to as The Funtheque. Used to best describe the following derived experience benefits to patrons;

1. Quality entertainment.
2. Interactive and personal touch.
3. Diverse offerings targeted at all segments of entertainment industry.
4. Added value.
5. Excellence in F&B service and hospitality with a culture of difference.

In considering the diverse entertainment mix offerings that are available (current and after renovations) at The Captain's Cabin; the term 'Funtheque' is most befitting; a 'library' of fun, an entertainment edifice.

Font Typeface & Tag Phrase Rationalisation

The selected font typography used for 'Funtheque' is of a Celtic origin. The font is called 'Stonehenge'. The font provides the required dramatic impact to attract the attention of the viewer complementing aesthetically to the Funtheque logo.

The font typography for "Malaysia Premier Superclub" is called 'copperplate Gothic bold'. As the viewer can observe it has a more solid structure and futuristic look. This adds a dramatic dimension of attraction and attention from the viewer. It makes or rather defines a statement.

Lastly, the tag phrase 'Always on Top for Entertainment' has long been the adopted tag-line motto by the Company. The choice of font is breeds greater familiarity through the adoption of a hand written style font typeface. This represent the lifestyle branding element of the Funtheque as it has a more casual 'feel'. This tag phrase motto is the signature trademark symbolic to the Funtheque.

Funtheque OUTLET:
102 & 104, 1st Floor, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 603 2144 3892   Fax: 603 2144 5060

Happy Hour : Daily 7.00pm - 10.30pm, Business Hours : 7.00pm - 3.00am
Funtheque Corporate Address: No.40-1A Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 603 2141 3020 Fax : 603 2144 506


Club (After 7.00pm) : 03 2144 3892 ( Club) 03 2144 3605
Mr. Nicky Sivananthan : 019 218 6130   (Director Of Operation)
Mr.Ramesh : 017 2882489 (Operation Manager)
Mr.Lan Mansor : 019 307 7949

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